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The first meeting of the Local Stakeholders in Płock, Poland

Representatives from various local organizations pose for a group photo at the first Płock Local Stakeholders Meeting.

On April 11 2024 the members of Płock Local Stakeholders Group, that will work on the INVOLVIM project - "Informal and Voluntary Services for Work Based Immigrants" met for the first time. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg Europe 2021-2027 program. Local organizations, which agreed to collaborate with the Płock City Hall team include:

  • Płock Municipal Police, 
  • Płock City Guard,
  • Municipal Labor Office in Płock,
  • Municipal Social Welfare Center,
  • Płock Center for Culture and Art,
  • Chamber of Commerce of the Płock Region ,
  • Stara Biała Commune,
  • Przystanek Rodziny Foundation and
  • Teen Challenge Christian Social Mission (Płock Branch).


The main part of the meeting was focused on presenting the assumptions and goals of the INVOLVIM project, as well as the project partners with the challenges they want to face. We emphasized an extremely important for the project role of stakeholders and explained the rules of their participation. Each organization briefly described owned experience and the area of cooperation with foreign people they deal with on a daily basis. The Stakeholders pointed out areas that require improvement in the field of providing support for immigrants, and also emphasized the importance of diagnosing needs in this area.

The INVOLVIM project aims to prevent social exclusion of foreign people and families living among local communities. The role of the project is to provide support for local immigrants integration, together with adapting the Płock Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 to the new reality.