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GOCORE pressure cooker in Coimbra (Portugal)

Policy governance
20 - 22 Feb 2024
Clock 09 : 50 - 16 : 45 CET
Location In person | Coimbra, Portugal
By Project GOCORE
GOCORE 2n Pressure Cooker

GOCORE pressure cooker in Coimbra (Portugal)

The 2nd GOCORE Pressure Cooker event, organized by the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra, will take place in Coimbra (Portugal) from February 20 to 22.

During the GOCORE intensive learning event - Pressure Cooker - in the Region of Coimbra, parallel sessions will be held on peer review and the GOCORE partner seminar, highlighting regional development and cohesion and social economy actors promoting community resilience.

Through the Coimbra Pressure Cooker, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the Coimbra Region better, learn about specific projects on the theme of resilience, including site visits, and, at the same time, analyze the CIM-RC's regional policy challenge regarding the Pinhal Interior governance model together with a group of selected peers with relevant experience on the subject, with the aim of giving advice, exchanging experiences and presenting recommendations or potential solutions to the challenge.