Project good practices

Q8 improvements of social enviroments: new soutions for social...

Summary: The project focus on social spatial development. The approach is a mix out of self-help, civil involvement, neighbourhood assistance and professional support.

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Local centres in the Municipality of Aarhus

Summary: Aarhus Municipality offers a variety of activities at the 37 local centers that match many different needs and interests - exercise teams, Krolf, music etc.

Location: Midtjylland, Denmark (Danmark)


Summary: The IdoVis project was launched with the aim of creating groups of independent older adults, who were visiting other institutionalized and dependent people.

Location: Centro (PT), Portugal

Friendly Cities 4All. Civic Engagement in the field of urban...

Summary: Teenagers and people with reduced mobility map their surroundings and make suggestions for improvement.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)


Summary: It is a social service aimed at the promotion of the autonomy of those people affected by any disability that entails limitations in citizen participation.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)

Household Community Davča

Summary: Household Community Davča is a small community where older adults live together with the owner of the house, who is available for any assistance.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Sustainable Energy Community (S.E.C.)

Summary: This programme focuses on development of energy efficient housing in the town of Dunleer Co. Louth that has proven to be extremely age friendly.

Location: Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)


Summary: The aim of this project is the acceptance and impact of assistance systems by testing a growing, quarter-based and transferable product service system.

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

The Housing Team – major changes in own home.

Summary: The Housing Team grants changes in own home – changes which will make it possible for the citizens to cope themselves or with less help.

Location: Midtjylland, Denmark (Danmark)

Autonomous Homes in Pinhal

Summary: The Pinhal Autonomous Homes are built for active seniors with no family support who refuse to be institutionalized but can use the services of the association.

Location: Centro (PT), Portugal

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