Project Events

Slovenia EU_SHAFE Inter-regional Event


Domain 3: Communication and information

Type: Project

EU_SHAFE & SmartWork Online event


The Green Paper on Ageing, which was released by the European Commission at the...

Type: Project

Louth EU_SHAFE Inter-regional Meeting


The Louth EU_SHAFE partner in conjunction with TU Dublin will host an...

Type: Project

BIZKAIA Annouces its 4th Stakeholders’ Meeting


The meeting, organised by the Bizkaia Council and Deusto UD, will take place on...

Type: Project

Online Event - Bizkaia Interregional Policy Learning


The EU_SHAFE project is pleased to invite you to the online workshop "EU_SHAFE...

Type: Project

Third EU_SHAFE stakeholders' meeting in Bizkaia


The 3rd EU-SHAFE stakeholders meeting organized by Bizkaia region will take...

Type: Project

EU_SHAFE Webinar on the new EU Financial Framework


The current multiannual financial framework of the European Union will be...

Type: Project

Louth announces its 4th Stakeholders' Meeting


The meeting, that will take place on the 10th December, will be aimed at...

Type: Project

Slovenia 3rd on-line Stakeholders' Meeting


The EU_SHAFE partner Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia we will have...

Type: Project

Open HoCARE 2.0” Transregional Public Conference


“Open HoCARE 2.0” Transregional Public Conference: “Policy Tool and Home Care...

Type: Project