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Third Stakeholder Meeting in Galicia on 23rd April!

By Project Down to Earth
Stakeholder Meeting Galicia

On April 23rd , our lead partner the Galician Rural Development Agency (AGADER) together with Fundación Juana de Vega hosted their third Down to Earth Stakeholder Meeting.  This meeting followed the Study Visit in Western Greece and started the activities of Year 2, on the topic of Access barriers to young farmers in depopulated areas.

In the first part of the meeting with the Galician stakeholders. the project’s progress was presented, highlighting the identification of 12 potential good practices in the first year and the presentation of two Galician initiatives: the Model Village of Penedo and the Nest Houses. In addition, the final report of the first year on environmental risks, prepared by the Juana de Vega Foundation and the University of Patras, was presented. The study visit to Western Greece was also discussed, highlighting relevant experiences such as the modernisation of the Kalavrita ski resort and the Thermo lemon packaging plant. Although similar experiences have already been implemented in Galicia, there was interest in collaborating and deepening the knowledge on local actors in this region, especially on the financing model of these initiatives. 

During the second part of the meeting of Galician stakeholders, the conclusions of the second digital workshop with experts on the topic of Access barriers to young farmers in depopulated areas, were presented. The open discussion allowed stakeholders to provide input on factors such as support policies for outgoing and the incoming generation of farmers, and the importance of providing advice and funding tailored to the specific needs of each group. This collaborative approach aims to ensure that the regional report on the topic adequately reflects the challenges and opportunities of Galicia's rural economy in a holistic manner. 

The meeting concluded with details of the forthcoming Study Visit to the region of Neckar-Alb (Germany), which will include visits to biosphere reserves and other local initiatives. Interested stakeholders were invited to participate in this visit. 

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