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First expert approved DEBUTING good practices published!

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In Interreg Europe projects good practices play a big role, enabling learning from others through these examples that have been proven successful. In DEBUTING project we aim to collect at least 22 good practices from the project regions. After submitting a good practice it's reviewed by the project’s web administrator and Policy Officer, after which the Thematic Experts of Interreg Europe choose the  most inspiring and transferable good practices for the Interreg Europe Good Practice Database

At the moment there are eight DEBUTING good practices published and two of these have been chosen as the most inspiring by the Thematic Expert already; GENIUS and Attraktionskraft Värmland, both of which were submitted by our lead partner Region Värmland.


GENIUS – An Annual Conference on Gender Equality in Värmland

Research has shown that equal organisations with an inclusive workplace, equal gender distribution and diversity of backgrounds are better equipped for the future. Equal companies have higher profitability, stronger innovative power, higher attractiveness and are more successful in the long term. An inclusive organisation culture results in higher job satisfaction, lower sick leave and higher trust.

With GENIUS, Region Värmland and Länsstyrelsen Värmland want to put Värmland on the equality map to attract and retain competence in the county. The purpose is to increase competence and awareness of how gender equality affects all people living and working in Värmland. The conference provides increased knowledge and provide tools for organisations and companies to work with gender equality issues.

GENIUS is a collection of power that excites and arouses commitment. The goal is for the participants to be both affected and inspired to act. Read more on GENIUS here


Attraktionskraft Värmland – an investment to strengthen the future supply of skills

The need for skills in Värmland is great in several industries. At the same time, analyses show that the most gender-segregated industries also have the greatest recruiting problems. A gender-segregated labour market where men dominate in the manufacturing- and tech industry and women in healthcare and public sector, means that many of the county's employers miss out on using the entire recruitment base.

In Attraktionskraft Värmland, Region Värmland, cluster organisations, municipalities and the private sector, collaborate around building commitment and awareness of gender equality aspects linked to skills supply, training and recruitment. The project supports employers with knowledge and tools to become more inclusive and thus take their own initiatives for a more equal operation, with an inclusive culture and equal recruitment. Several activities are carried out together with the employers to create direct and long-term development in the organizations.

The project is focusing on four main activities:

  • Leadership trainings for businesses with focus on leading the gender equality work
  • Diploma courses for cluster staff to understand the benefits of an equal workplace
  • Breakfast seminars within equality and inclusion topics
  • Development of information and tools on a unified platform, Schyst.se, a user-friendly website where a broad target group can find inspiration, knowledge and concrete exercises and material linked to equality and inclusion.
  • And there's more coming up!

Read more about Attraktionskraft Värmland here.

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