This presentation was held at the thematic event in Nicosia (Cyprus) on September 26, 2018 and focused on financial aspects of landfill management projects.

Fons van de Sande (Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands) presented the Dutch transition from waste policy to circular economy. According to the preference of waste management hierarchy where landfill is the least desirable option, the Decree Landfill and Waste Disposals Bans and a landfill tax were into force since 1995 and an incineration tax from 2014. The landfill tax did have a steering effect in a shift from waste to circular economy. At this moment in the Netherlands about only 2% of the waste is landfilled, 81% recycled and 17% incinerated.

Fons gave an overview of the highlights in the Dutch waste policy. You can find it in the presentation here