Project good practices

Complex remediation of a closed landfill below groundwater level...

Summary: A closed landfill in an old clay pit with ascending ground water was remediated by enclosure of the landfill body by a sealing wall and a surface sealing system

Location: Brandenburg,

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Geophysical Prospection (ERT) for the detection of leachate in a...

Summary: Evaluate landfill stability regarding to the leachate accumulations in the waste mass in landfills, using electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

CHARM: Airborne Detection of Methane emissions of landfills

Summary: Detection of Methane emission hot spots and measurement of the total methane emission of a landfill by using the helicopter-based CHARM-technology.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Brownfieldcovenants as an instrument to revitalize former...

Summary: Landfill sites can be seen as a specific kind of brownfields, therefore those redevelopment processes and instruments were customized for landfills in Flanders.

Location: Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Methane oxidation systems for the biological treatment of weak...

Summary: Landfill methane (CH4) is microbially oxidized to carbon dioxide. Thereby, the risk of explosion and the emissions of the greenhouse gas CH4 are reduced.

Location: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)

Rehabilitation of “La Pitilla” landfill

Summary: Rehabilitation of “La Pitilla” landfill, located in a sensitive area, to guarantee stability, protect environment and, further,develop a recreational area.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

Klaverenboer ward: landfill remediation and tackling land...

Summary: An old landfill was completely ecxavated and processed and replaced by a ward.

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Waste deposit and landfill tax system of Flanders

Summary: The Flemish waste tax system is based on the pay-as-you-throw principle. It is made up out of two taxes: tax on landfilling waste and a tax on combusting waste.

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Cedalion and Orion, a decision support tool for dynamic landfill...

Summary: The Cedalion and Orion tool ranks a region's landfills to their potential and afterwards calculates a businesscase for the most promising landfills.

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

The Natural Cap – Sustainable solution for landfills

Summary: The remediation of the 100 ha. Volgermeer landfill is a key example of the transition of what was once a heavily polluted waste site into a natural park.

Location: Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland)

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