Project good practices

the Bird Rock, den Helder

Summary: Bird Rock is built by cleaning and reusing of 90.000 m3 contaminated soil and nowadays the structure provides a safe breeding ground for multiple bird species.

Location: Noord-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)

Capillary-interrupting surface sealing systems on landfills

Summary: The surface systems contain of two layers, which in combination interrupt capillary flow and water infiltration into the landfill body.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Restoration of non-compliant landfill sites in Larnaka...

Summary: The practice "Restoration of non-compliant landfill site in Tersefanou Larnaka District», one of the 10 high risk landfill sites of Cyprus.

Location: Κύπρος, Cyprus (Κυπρος)

Integrated waste management plant in Koshie (Cyprus)

Summary: The Waste Management Plant in Koshi receives all the municipal waste from the Districts of Larnaka, Ammochostos and Nicosia and aims to avoid illegal dumping.

Location: Κύπρος, Cyprus (Κυπρος)

Landfill Aeration as a contribution to landfill stabilisation and...

Summary: The aerobic in situ stabilisation accelerates biodegradation processes in landfills with an acceleration factor 3-5 compared to anaerobic degradation.

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Quality management plan: Monitoring technical elements during...

Summary: Surface capping and basal liners have to meet defined technical standards. The monitoring of the installed quality is defined in the quality management plan.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

IPCC – Model to calculate the Methane Gas Production in...

Summary: The practice describes a method created by IPCC to calculate the amount of landfill gas production.

Location: Stuttgart, Germany (Deutschland)

Evaluation of groundwater observation of landfills

Summary: Evaluation of the measured groundwater pollution (gwp) by comparison with trigger level (tl) and forecast over the period until the gwp falls below the tl.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Brandenburg policy: Classification of closed landfills with...

Summary: Brandenburg police to classificate small landfills in a rural area, ruled by the “Guideline for closing measures of landfills with low risk potential”.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Evapotranspiration-optimized capping systems

Summary: A surface capping system was installed with requirements to soil quality that maximizes evapotranspiration and reduces the groundwater recharge rate.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

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