Project good practices

Use of slag for the construction of the drainage layer at the...

Summary: The construction of the drainage layer with slags substitutes the use of natural resources, such as gravel. The ecological footprint of the landfill is reduced.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Extended landfill gas treatment by CHP with reservoir – case...

Summary: The pactise extends the applicability of the CHP-system to process landfill gases and avoids greenhouse gas emissions while gaining energy and generating income

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Remediation of two landfill sites by landfill excavation at the...

Summary: Two former landfill sites, containing 461.000 m3 of waste, where completely excavated in order to develop the Vathorst area in Amersfoort.

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands (Nederland)

Landfill mining to develop the area in housing area in Veenendaal

Summary: Two former landfills in Veenendaal where mined to be able to develop the area into a housing area. The waste and the excavated soil was largely reused.

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands (Nederland)

Requirements for the design of a sanitary landfill: The Dutch...

Summary: Requirements for the design of a sanitary landfill in the Netherlands are described in the Dutch “Stortbesluit” and underlying technical directives.

Location: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)

NAVOS: Remediation strategies for former landfills in the...

Summary: NAVOS: survey remediation of former landfills in the Netherlands. Four scenarios where formulated for the factors effectiveness, cost, and cost distribution.

Location: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)

COllective REgeneration of former Landfills, COREL

Summary: COREL: A method for governments and financiers to take responsibility for the multifunctional regeneration of former landfills.

Location: Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland)

Flemish ELFM Consortium

Summary: The Flemish ELFM Consortium started to promote mining as a form of dynamic landfill management. The network grew beyond the region’s border and became EURELCO

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Green Deal: “Sustainable Landfill Management” (SLM)

Summary: Sustainable Landfill Management (SLM) aims to determine a method to reduce the emission potential of landfills which lead to a cost-effective approach.

Location: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)

Qortin Landfill Rehabilitation in Gozo

Summary: Permanent closure and rehabilitation of a non-engineered landfill on the Island of Gozo.

Location: Malta, Malta

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