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Igualada hosts the first edition of STEM DAY

By Project WeSTEMEU
Igualada hosts the first edition of STEM DAY

The first STEM DAY was celebrated in Igualada and was a complete success, bringing together 400 boys and girls from 6th grade and 1st year of ESO from different schools and institutes in the town. This event, organized as an extension of the recognized STEM WOMEN CONGRESS (SWC), has been a significant step towards promoting science and technology among young people, promoting gender equality in these areas.

This initiative, promoted by the Igualada City Council, coincides with the city’s ongoing commitment to innovation and equity. As part of the Interreg Europe WeSTEMEU project, which extends from 2023 to 2027, Igualada leads an interregional collaboration aimed at knowing and promoting instruments that facilitate women’s access to the STEM world. Through this project, it seeks to reduce the gender gap in areas such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Patrícia Illa, highlighted the role of the city in promoting innovation and knowledge, recalling the recognition of Igualada as a SMART city since 2019 and the continued efforts to establish links with the university world and promote studies in STEM areas, such as computer engineering, chemistry, industrial logistics, and health.

The STEM DAY offered a variety of activities, including panels with experts, practical workshops, and interactive learning activities. In addition, the presence of local references was highlighted, putting young people in contact with real models from their community.

This event represents an important step in the mission of the STEM WOMEN CONGRESS to promote gender equality in the STEM field. Thus, after resounding successes of the adult version in various European cities, it has now been the turn of the boys and girls with the STEM DAY, a new version that helps to directly influence this audience.

Eva Díaz, co-founder of STEM Women Congress, expressed her excitement for this new stage in the evolution of the project. “It is a crucial step for us. With the creation of STEM DAY, we want to reach directly to the source of transformation: boys and girls, the future of our society. This new format will not only expand our impact, but we hope it will be transformative and that the next generation does not experience discrimination in STEM areas.”