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Bringing our practices together in Croatia

By Project TOURBO
good practices learning phase

In November 9-10th, TOURBO partners and stakeholders from all 8 partner organizations gathered for the first interregional and peer-review event in Koprivnica-Križevci region in Croatia to open the path to adopt new strategy concepts in digital and green transition.

After the kick-off in Seville in June, we have mapped successful initiatives in the field of boosting sustainability and digitalization of tourism sector in their regions, in other words identifying good practices. In this two-day event the first round of good practices from project countries were presented to the partners and stakeholders. As a multidisciplinary gathering, participants discussed the applicability of these practices to other regions, and generally found them to be interesting sources for development in other regions.

peer review

In addition to sharing these good practices, the two pilot actions taking place in TOURBO were introduced. In these pilots, vouchers will be offered for MSMEs to adopt innovating sustainable solutions and new growth models relating to twin transition in Marche region in Italy and North Aegean region in Greece.

The first day of the event was topped off with an opportunity to experience a Croatian good practice, a tour of Visitor Center “Đurđevac sands” and a tour of the Old Town Đurđevac. On the second day stakeholders were invited to take part in  a panel on the topic of “Branding of regional tourism as part of the green and digital transition”, after which the participants got to explore the 25th Craft and Economic Fair in Križevci.

Our   mission is to identify  good practices to support the resilience of the tourism sector and the MSMEs. Tourism sector has suffered severe blows in the recent years due to unforeseen events in the form of the sudden covid-19 and geopolitical crisis. The overall digitalization of the society and sustainability awareness have changed the consumer behavior and preferences. That presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the sector. The recovery from these crisis and resilience of the sector can be boosted by adopting practices that are in line with the ongoing twin transition. TOURBO has the aim of gathering examples and promoting the exchange of experiences between regions, so that public authorities can develop policies and strategies that aid tourism sector with the twin transition.

We will continue with interregional meetings and ongoing identification of GGPPs among partners and stakeholders for the next three years. The next meeting will take place in Rovaniemi, Finland, in April 2024 .  All in all, 18 interregional policy learning events are organized during the project. All the events will provide exchange of knowledge and ideas for each region to support the twin transition on the regional policy and strategic level.

As a NETWORK we greatly look forward to engaging with the tourism sector, to seek inspiration and fruitful inter-regional exchange. If you would like more information on the project you can go to the following media outlets.

Instagram: InterregEUTourbo

Facebook: @InterregTOURBO

Linkedin: Tourbo Interreg Europe

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