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STOPWASTE Inspires Waste Management Strategies in Lithuania

By Project StopWaste

During the initial semester of the STOPWASTE project, the JSC Alytus Region Waste Management Center emerged as a dynamic contributor to interregional initiatives. Their active involvement saw them presenting the region, shedding light on the policy instrument at the heart of the StopWaste project, articulating challenges related to waste reduction and prevention, and showcasing successful local practices and stakeholder involvement.

The pivotal 1st Interregional workshop provided an opportunity for JSC Alytus Region to gain significant insights. They delved into the Waste Management Plan of the Viseu Dão Lafões Region, offering fresh perspectives on waste management. Equally important was their exploration of policy development concerning food waste reduction and the Viseu Dão Lafões Region's efforts to minimize its plastic footprint.

These workshop also featured the presentation of good practices. Of particular interest to Alytus region were the "Continente" Producers Club, a sustainability-driven initiative, the "Plastic Management Index for Portugal 2021," a benchmark for effective plastic waste control, and innovative strategies for food waste and bio-waste recovery.

JSC Alytus Region's proactive engagement has significantly contributed to the advancement of sustainable waste management practices within the STOPWASTE project. These experiences mark a promising step towards a greener and more efficient waste management future.

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