Project good practices

RIS3 Toscana Contest

Summary: Contest for research activities/business ideas in the field of R&I Strategies for Smart Specialisation (ICT/photonics, smart factory, chemistry and nanotech).

Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)

Innovation Breakfast Networking

Summary: Innovation themed networking to help businesses & stakeholders raise their profiles and find people who may be able to help them progress a plan or idea

Location: Tees Valley and Durham, United Kingdom

Organising BtoB events technology/end-user

Summary: The idea is to create occasions for technology and application sectors to meet and better understand each other (application needs and technology offer).

Location: Bretagne, France

Setting up a new regional Photonics Innovation Hub

Summary: Creating a new innovation Hub in Lannion has helped the recognition, growth and dissemination of the photonics technology in Brittany.

Location: Bretagne, France

Knowledge Exchange via the Centres of Excellence (COE) for...

Summary: Independent organisation driving economic growth through the exploitation of space. Its Knowledge Exchange activity enables business/ university collaboration

Location: Tees Valley and Durham, United Kingdom

Funding service for SMEs

Summary: Advice & support to local SMEs; particularly a funding service that helps businesses understand available options, and supports them to write funding bids

Location: Tees Valley and Durham, United Kingdom

Regional Collaboration on Key Enabling Technologies (ROCKET)

Summary: The project promotes cooperation between industry and science in the German-Dutch border region to strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany (Deutschland)

RWTH Aachen Campus

Summary: The RWTH Aachen Campus creates a unique symbiosis of science and industry. Here, experts research specifically defined, relevant interdisciplinary topics.

Location: Köln, Germany (Deutschland)

Public Procurement: Creation of an industry pole

Summary: The European innovation tool, called public procurement, could be used to organize a public call in order to develop an aerospace industry pole.

Location: Galicia, Spain (España)

Technical sectoral committees

Summary: Private events organized around a specific sector to develop a network between big/small companies, universities, technical centers, and financial entities.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

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