Project News

Good practices webinar


The first STAR Cities webinar on “Locals and communities engagement” is...

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A new ferry reinforces the "Elblinien" in Hamburg


Ferry Japsand reinforces the "Elblinien" on the Stadersand and Hamburg route

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New schedule and learning program


A new schedule and learning program have been adopted for the STAR Cities...

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STAR Cities welcomes a new partner


A new partner joins the STAR Cities project : the Regional Development Agency of...

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2019 in review


The achievements of STAR Cities in 2019 and the future of the project.

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Fourth STAR Cities stakeholders meeting in Hamburg


Summary of the fourth stakeholders meeting in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

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Second stakeholders meeting in Lazio Region


The second stakeholders meeting of the Lazion Region took place in Rome on...

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Fourth stakeholders meeting in Kaunas


The fourth STAR Cities stakeholders meeting took place in Kaunas on September,...

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2nd Interregional Learning Session in Kaunas


The meeting took place in Kaunas, Lithuana from 11 to 13 September 2019.

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Thematic programme


Discover the thematic programme voted for the next sessions of STAR Cities.

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Third STAR Cities stakeholders meeting in Hamburg


The third stakeholders meeting took place on August, 20 2019.

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First Interregional Learning Session in Rome


Summary of the first Interregional Learning Session which took place in Rome...

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