Project good practices

Local Network of Nearby Services of the Municipality of L’Aquila

Summary: The initiative involved 18 different associations and NGO’s and financed several interventions in order to respond to social needs of most problematic groups.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)

Local Network of Domestic Kindergartens in Abruzzo Region

Summary: Specific local community’s need: the necessity for several families to find a place where they could leave their children until 3 while they are at work.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)

Tagurpidi Lavka MTÜ - Local goods to City

Summary: Rural areas have been the ones who need special services in delivering food, supplies and household products, because of the distances between the cities.

Location: Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)

Re-Use Centre

Summary: Re-Use Centre are devoted to giving things a new life and supporting environment friendly trading.

Location: Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)

Bistro No Waste

Summary: The issue the Bistro No Waste addresses is the problem of the excessive amount of waste generated in the catering trade.

Location: Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)

Social Cooperative Bajkolandia

Summary: Social entity dedicated to child care, nursery school , antenatal services for future mothers

Location: Podkarpackie, Poland (Polska)

Professional Activity Establishement for disabled in rural area

Summary: Social entity as a possibility of work and rehabilitation for the most socially excluded in rural area: gardening, catering and hotel services

Location: Podkarpackie, Poland (Polska)


Summary: ROCK YOUR LIFE! is a mentoring program. Volunteering students are helping disadvantaged pupils and students to unlock their potential.

Location: Tübingen, Germany (Deutschland)

Fab Lab Karlsruhe

Summary: FabLab Karlsruhe is an open workshop offering tools and machines to the public. FabLab focusses on the latest technology such as laser cutter and 3D-printer.

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany (Deutschland)

People's kitchen - one pays, two eat

Summary: Humanitarian Institution Pod strehco is a non-profit organization that offers delicious snacks and lunches, which finances warm meals for socially deprived.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

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