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SMEOrigin Newsletter #2 - Overview of Semester 2

By Project SMEOrigin

Dear reader,

Welcome to the second edition of the newsletter series of the SMEOrigin project, which aims to make a difference in one of the most special industries in the European Union and worldwide – the food industry.

In March 2023 our partnership from 7 countries launched this project, dedicated to boosting SME competitiveness in our regions, particularly aimed at entities producing traditional regional food with Geographical Indication, which is unique heritage of Europe.

One year from the launch of the project, we are happy to share our progress.

One part of it is the intensive exchange of experience and good practices between partners, communication with stakeholders, field studies, multiple new ideas. To enhance this process, we launched a platform for exchange of experience between stakeholders from across the world. Simultaneously, all partners have been actively researching and studying in details their regional policies and opportunities. On this base, we are now preparing a strategic toolkit to serve as a compass for future development.

In this issue:

Feel free to contact us if you need to learn more or them or to share your ideas and proposals with the partnership!

The SMEOrigin project team

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