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How regional brands contribute to boosting competitiveness

By Project SMEOrigin

How regional and local brands contribute to boosting the quality of food and SME competitiveness?

Our partners from Poland - Opolskie Centre for Economy Development/Opolskie Voivodeship and France - INTERBIO Nouvelle-Aquitaine shared very interesting good practices on the matter.

Opolskie za Smakiem

The brand (label) „Opolskie ze smakiem” was created to give incentives to local food producers and potential local food producers to conform to actual food quality standards required by law in order to become part of the official local products from Opolskie. It has been successful in increasing the number of traditional products registered as Traditional Products (78), local producers and events promoting local products. It supported the rural policy by identification and promotion of traditional and local culinary resources, revival and strengthening of social bonds, cultivating local culinary traditions and activating women in rural areas. Learn more about the practice: “Opolskie ze smakiem” brand | Interreg Europe - Sharing solutions for better policy

BIO SUD OUEST FRANCE (BSOF) is a regional trademark that guarantee to buy organic and local. It was launched in 2013 and is currently used by 18 companies and around 300 products. It aims to promote a local production and supply, support agreements between regional operators and farmers, propose a clear identification of local organic products. Learn more about the practice here: BIO SUD OUEST FRANCE (BSOF): a regional trademark that guarantee to buy organic and local | Interreg Europe - Sharing solutions for better policy

Good practice