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Wallonia´s innovative approach for its stakeholder meeting

By Project SMAPE
People attending during the Wallonia Stakeholder meeting

On October 16th, 2023, Wallonia's Public Services (SPW) and the Organizing Authority for Public and Shared Transport (AOT) hosted an impactful Open Space Technology event as part of their series on shared mobility workshops. Over 80 stakeholders, including local and regional authorities, user representatives, NGOs, and operators, convened to engage in a dialogue pivotal to the region's mobility strategy.

Open Space Technology, as an innovative collective intelligence tool, facilitated this gathering. The event focused on three key aspects:

  1. Creating a debate platform
  2. Promote collaboration
  3. Organize a dynamic event where participants are engaged through a fluid dialogue.

This approach allowed for a comprehensive understanding and exploration of shared mobility, drawing on the diverse experiences and insights of the stakeholders. The day's discussions culminated in identifying key work areas and prioritizing projects for future working groups.

The diversity of actors present contributed a wealth of expertise, skills, and profiles, enriching the debate and ideation process. Minister Philippe Henry, Vice-President and Minister of Climate, Energy, Mobility, and Infrastructure, concluded the event. He emphasized the government's commitment to integrating shared mobility solutions into the regional transport framework and highlighted the event's role in shaping a strategic Walloon plan. This Open Space Technology event marked the start of a co-construction dynamic in Wallonia, aimed at advancing the development of an action plan for shared mobility. The collaborative spirit and collective intelligence harnessed during the event promise to guide the region's future initiatives.

For more insights into this event, visit https://www.forummobilitepartagee.be/ or watch the summary video.


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