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First stakeholders meetings in the City of Bergen

By Project SMAPE
Picture of the Bergen Stakeholder meeting

Over the past few months, Bergen Kommune has started organising and participating in several meetings to receive input and knowledge from stakeholders like car sharing operators. This input is very valuable for improving our policy instrument in the coming year.

In January 2024 we organised a 3x3 hours masterclass together with Skyss and Vestland Fylkeskommune, respectively the public transport authority and the regional public authority.

The specific focus of this masterclass was to exchange knowledge on mobility hubs since mobility hubs are a key element in making shared mobility more attractive and increasing sustainable multimodal transport. In the first session we dived into definitions, the policy background in Bergen Kommune, as well as local and regional mobility hub policies in other EU-countries (including those of several SMAPE-partners). In the second session, we looked into the internal processes at Bergen Kommune to build mobility hubs, as well as technical guidelines for (several modes at) mobility hubs. In the last session, we tackled topics like wayfinding, communication, data standards and the role of PTA``s/PTO`s in mobility hubs. The last part of this session included an exercise where we brought together all knowledge on building a new theoretical hub at two locations: Storavatnet Terminal and Mindemyren development.

8 people attended the masterclass: 2 representatives from Bergen Kommune, 5 from Skyss and 1 from Vestland Fylkeskommune.

Bergen Stakeholders meeting


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