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Save the Date: Stakeholder Group meeting in Belgium

By Project SECON

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Stakeholder Group Flemish-Brabant in the framework of the SECON Interreg project "Regional Policies for supporting Social Economy Enterprises". On 28 August 2023, we will meet to strengthen social economy and social/circular and how to give them maximum access to mainstream economic instruments (financing, public procurement, ...).

Within SECON, we aim for a joint toolbox, based on regional and local experiences and expertise, to make the social economy more visible in the local economic chain. We want social enterprises to become self-sufficient (as much as possible) and therefore we facilitate not only access to public procurement, but also capacity building and maximum utilisation of the circular economy. We also intend to further develop and strengthen our existing tools People Made and doeners.be.

With 10 partners from 9 European countries, we are joining forces. Together, we not only want to exchange experiences and expertise, but also develop a set of proven tools to strengthen the social economy. Moreover, this project contributes to the refinement and implementation of regional and local policy instruments in the field of the economy and employment.

Mark 28 August 2023 in your diary and come to the start-up of the Stakeholder Group Flemish Brabant. Let's build a thriving social economy and an inclusive future together. We look forward to meeting you there!

Location: Het Beverbeekhuis, Tulpenstraat 10 - 3290 Diest

Hour: 12h to 14h

Agenda: Presentation of the project and functioning of the Stakeholder Group Vlaams-Brabant

Please confirm your attendance by Thursday 10 August 2023.


Regional policy
Social enterprise