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Best Practices Report in Social Economy

By Project SECON
Best practices report

The present document provides information on selected good practices implemented in the SECON regions, corresponding to one or more domains of social economy.

The practices have been selected towards the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the political/strategic context of social economy and/or social innovation.
  • Relevant timescale: Practice that has been in place for at least two years.
  • Quality assurance procedures: Practice with quality assurance processes in place, including information on indicators, methods, or tools used throughout the implementation.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency: Practices showcasing tangible and measurable results, with valuable impact in the region.
  • Sustainability: Practices that have the to be maintained in the long-term with the available resources, adapting to social, economic and environmental requirements of the context in which they are developed.
  • Transferability potential: Practices with results that are systematized and documented, making it possible to transfer it to other contexts or to be upscaled to a broader target population/geographic context.
  • Ethical Aspects: Practices that are respectful with ethical values and guarantee the safeguarding of dignity.

You can read the full report and discover the best practices at: bit.ly/48SsORp

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