Project good practices

Funding Programme Village Community Shops

Summary: Saxony-Anhalt promotes the establishment of village shops in rural areas.

Location: Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Deutschland)

Tubbercurry Old Fair Day Festival

Summary: Tubbercurry Old Fair Day is a 5 day festival that celebrates all aspects of traditional Irish life including music, food, craft and agriculture.

Location: Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)

Grow Remote South Sligo

Summary: Grow Remote is an organisation which seeks to use the power of remote working as a tool to promote community development.

Location: Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)

Web- and social network based distribution channels - Local Food...

Summary: This describes two good practices with the same topic where the main difference is how the technical platform and funding is created.Based in Sweden and Finland

Location: Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)

Service Points

Summary: The Service Point is a hub in the local community.The main aim is to expand the servicelevel in the local shop and collect serveral services in one location.

Location: Mellersta Norrland,

Small towns’ open-air malls in Aragon

Summary: Small retailers must compete with large commercial areas. They need to join and manage as an Open-Air Mall in the main shopping streets of the towns.

Location: Aragón,


Summary: The goal is to cooperate with entities in the promotion of a common idea in the field of regional and local production of high quality products and services.

Location: Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland (Polska)

Breakfast of South Warmia

Summary: Pilot project implemented by the Southern Warmia LAG in 8 communes. Promotion of local food and handicraft producers during local events.

Location: Warmińsko-Mazurskie,

Jänkäsalo self-service kiosk-ahop

Summary: Sports club operated self-service kiosk-shop responding to the needs of residents, summer time residents and visitors on Jänkäsalo island, South Karelia.

Location: Etelä-Suomi,

Networking Platform of small stores to maintain customer’s...

Summary: ICT network project for the client’s commercial promotion

Location: Aragón, Spain (España)

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