Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
(Lead Partner)


Dr. Marcin Spyra

Project manager

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone: +49/(0)345 5526064


Dr. Nica Claudia Caló

Project coordinator

Mail:     [email protected] 
Phone: +49/(0)345 5526064

Sarah Keil

Financial manager

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone: +49/(0)345 5521652

Robert Reese

Project specialist

Mail:    [email protected]
Phone: +49/(0)345 5526064

CoKnow Consulting, Germany

Dr. Jennifer Hauck

CEO, RENATUR Communication Manager 

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone: +49/(0)1577 5765800

Flemish Land Agency, Belgium

Katia van Tichelen

Project Manager Land Development

Mail:     [email protected]

Ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Nadine Schulz

Ministry Referent

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone: +49/(0)391 5677539

Hajdú-Bihar County Government, Hungary

Tünde Szabó

Spatial development manager responsible for international cooperation

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone: +36/(0)52 507 532

Mazovia Development Agency (ARMSA), Poland


PhD Eng. Michał Klepka

Head of the Urban Policy and Innovation  Department at ARMSA

Mail:         [email protected]
Phone:     +48/ (0)22 566 47 66


Jan Ejma-Multański

Specialist at ARMSA

Mail:         [email protected]
Phone:    +48/ (0)22 566 47 84

BSC Business Support Centre Ltd., Kranj, Slovenia

Helena Cvenkel

Director for research and development at BSC Kranj- 
Regional development agency of Gorenjska

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone:  +386/ (0)31 302 382

University of Basque Country, Spain

Ibone Ametzaga

Associate professor in ecology

Mail:     [email protected]
Phone: +34/ (0)94 601 2571