RELOS3 impact: transferability of good practices

The Thematic Events have proved to be a good opportunity for partners to get to know each other; they have also proved to be a good place for stakeholders to know their peers.  In this way, they can learn about experiences and best practices that can be applied in their own region.

As an example on this, Mr Karl Viiol is consultant in Tartu Business Advisory Services, a member of the local stakeholder group of our project partner Tartu City Government.  He participated in the thematic event in Bologna.  He commented afterwards:

"We learned about the metropolitan area of Bologna and its innovative manufacturing, green and circular economy, technical culture, educational services and social inclusion. The Bologna Metropolitan Region's Strategic Plan was a prime example of RIS3 strategy building and quadruple helix collaboration. Estonia recently finished an administrative reform and we have suggested some local governments to take inspiration from Bologna's plan as a good example with bold goals."

These insights helped to focus the stakeholder meetings in Tartu.  Particularly the inclusion of SMEs and intermediary organisations has been a recurring theme of discussion.