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Report of the Final High-Level Event


The city of Emmen, partner of the RELOS3 project, and the City of Sabadell,...

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Recording and presentations Final High Level Event


Watch the recording of the final event here and you can download the...

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High Level Event 12 may 2021


Join this meeting to hear about the Action Plans of all partners and share your...

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Wielkopolska – hydrogen direction


Small and Medium Enterprises are the engine of the Polish economy.

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Relos3 presented at "Cives in dialogogue"


On March 10th, Marino Cavallo (Metropolitan City of Bologna) took part at the...

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Malta Enterprise builds momentum on EU projects


Malta Enterprise is leading a new project titled FOSO-POCO (Fostering Social...

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RELOS3 contributes at Smart Cities Summit


From 16 of 17 June took place the Smart Cities Summit, an international online...

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Online visit focused on the ClustER Greentech


On December 16th, the Metropolitan City of Bologna organized an online visit...

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RELOS3 Volume published


Volume RELOS3 published: "Smart Specialisation: reappraising the local...

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Wielkopolska: Hydroplatform inspired by RELOS3


Through the participation in the RELOS3 project, Wielkopolska Region ...

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The eighth RELOS3 stakeholders group meeting


The eighth RELOS3 stakeholders group meeting organised by ...

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Northern Netherlands' IE projects meet


Early July, all Interreg Europe projects in the North of the Netherlands

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