The project commissioned its first piece of research, to the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, based in Pisa (Italy).  At the Tartu meeting the first findings were presented.  Feedback from 27 respondents was collected, from all the countries were RELOS3 partners are based.

It would appear that although the majority of participants consider the RIS3 strategy relevant at the local level, in its current state it lacks the effectiveness in achieving its goals.  Particularly in the field of competitiveness and innovation, the local level is thought to have additional benefits, although public-private cooperation is important too.  Aspects such as civil society and research centres were estimated to have less impact at the local level.

The full outcomes are expected early 2018.  Marino Cavallo, who is coordinating the research on behalf of RELOS3 partner Metropolitan City of Bologna said: "The preliminary outcome underlines the need for making RIS3 work in a local context by active involvement.  It will be interesting to see what the answers will be on the next round of research that will be done a year from now."