Project News

Pilot Action Day


The REBUS Project held this event aimed at stimulating virtuous behaviour by...

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Durham County Council Declare a Climate Emergency


Durham County Council is preparing a detailed response plan for July 2019 after...

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Malmö Mid-term Event


On the 24th of April, the City of Malmö hosted their REBUS Mid-term event to...

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Romanian Mid-Term Dissemination Event


Approximately 30 participants participated in the SE RDA (South-East Regional...

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Miskolc Mid-Term Dissemination Event


REBUS has targeted public sector representatives, who deal with or are...

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The REBUS Energy Renovation Path (ERP) now finalised


The ERP aims to improve energy performance, save energy & save money to invest...

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6th Final LSG Workshop


The Action Planning process, involving LSG members is successfully closed for...

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Durham Mid-term Conference - 30th January 2019


A hugely successful REBUS conference highlighting: potential of a low carbon...

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New Year, New Newsletter! Here’s 2018 with REBUS


Say goodbye to 2018… and carbon emissions! Check out some 2018 highlights &...

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Staff Exchange Durham (UK) - Mijnwater (Netherlands)


Durham County Council and the UK Coal Authority learn about Heerlen’s exemplar...

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8th International Exchange Event - Berlin, Germany


Berlin Calling! Partners met in Berlin this December to discuss REBUS and German...

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Staff Exchange BORA 94 & SE RDA to Region of Crete


Region of Crete welcome Hungarian partner BORA 94 Nonprofit Kft and Romanian...

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