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5th RSG Meeting in Magdeburg


Discussing the results of Study Visit and Workshop

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How to qualify the city business offer?


Within the Interreg Pure Cosmos Project, the Municipality of Florence, in...

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"Seeing the world as customers do“


Results of the „Customer Journey Mapping – seeing the world as customers do“...

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Results of the survey in Florence


The Monthly Statistical Bulletin of the Municipality of Florence contains the...

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SMEs, get international cooperation!


The Policy Learning Platform workshop on SME competitiveness in Brussels on...

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Planning and preparing study visits in Magdeburg


On 15th June 2017 the fourth stakeholder meeting took place in the...

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Incubators and Entrepreneurship Support Structures


The second Study Visit of PURE COSMOS was organized by ANATOLIKI SA on 21-22...

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Reccommendations for the Greek ANATOLIKI SA


Czech, English, German and Italian experts made reccommendations to ANATOLIKI...

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The first PURE COSMOS Study Visit is approaching!


The Municipality of Florence will host the first project study visit about One...

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Successful peer review in Florence


How can SMEs access credit and public funds more efficiently?

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Reccommendations made at the Peer Review in Usti


How to solve the lack of workforce, low qualification of workforce;...

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