Partners in PERFECT (Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in European Cities and Towns) are aiming to influence policy and decision makers to invest in green infrastructure, based on the multiple socio-economic benefits of natural heritage. A key part of achieving this policy change is the engagement of the partner stakeholder group in the learning of the project. These stakeholders include the Managing Authority of the Structural Funds operational programme - if they are not the partner themselves – and other important public and private sector representatives.

PERFECT partners have already started to meet with their stakeholder groups and publish newsletters to engage actively with them. Using feedback from the first stakeholder meetings, the Lead Partner, the Town and Country Planning Association, has developed guidance for all partners on how to communicate the early work of the project and maximise the potential of the stakeholder group.

The guidance gives partners some tips for topics to be covered in the stakeholder meetings, and includes a template for the first stakeholder newsletter, which will report on the outcomes of first project meeting in London and the findings of the study visits. Each partner will use this framework set by the communications manager at the TCPA, to provide their own information on the activities of the project at a partner level.

The stakeholder group guidance is available at the following link: