Project News

The PERFECT project has been extended one more year!


The PERFECT project has been extended one more year through Interreg Europe’s...

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PERFECT progress on action plans


The PERFECT project is now seven months into phase 2 of the project and despite...

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What does good GI policy look like?


An Expert Paper on what good green infrastructure (GI) looks like has been...

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Investment finance for green infrastructure


The paper examines the potential for diversification and blending of investment...

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Action Plans published!


The PERFECT partners have published their action plans to be implemented in...

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Green infrastructure and biodiversity


The PERFECT partnership has published a new expert paper on 'green...

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Place-making and green infrastructure


The PERFECT partnership have published a new expert paper on place-making and...

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What are the benefits of green roofs?


The PERFECT partnership has published a new factsheet on green roofs.

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Factsheet 4: Green Infrastructure and Food


Fourth factsheet from the PERFECT partnership, A resource for decision-makers to...

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PSC6 - The end of Phase 1


The concluding meeting on project learning phase and a look ahead to phase 2....

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Inspiration from Amsterdam


The TCPA's Henry Smith discusses the lessons learnt from PERFECT partners recent...

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Rethinking Green Infrastructure


The Municipality of Ferrara presents the handbook on participatory planning, for...

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