Project News

PSC6 - The end of Phase 1


The concluding meeting on project learning phase and a look ahead to phase 2....

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Inspiration from Amsterdam


The TCPA's Henry Smith discusses the lessons learnt from PERFECT partners recent...

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Rethinking Green Infrastructure


The Municipality of Ferrara presents the handbook on participatory planning, for...

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PERFECT makes the case for climate action


The PERFECT project has published a new factsheet showing the need for action on...

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Influencing policy in England


Julia Thrift, TCPA, gives an update on green infrastructure policy in the UK.

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A PERFECT result – defining green infrastructure


An update on the work of Bratislava Karlova Ves Municipality to influence...

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Green infrastructure as a response to heatwave risk


What role can green infrastructure play to help regions adapt to extreme heat?

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Health, wealth and happiness: PERFECT Expert Paper


The launch of the first PERFECT Expert Paper

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Multi-use GI: working and learning together


Partners from Bratislava and Ferrara explain the value of their work-shadowing...

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GI and air quality in urban areas: a critical review


This article discusses the relationship between air quality and urban...

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Master plan for San Paolo Dock & old market, Ferrara


Green infrastructure: the leading theme of the regeneration of a degraded area,...

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New resources for policymakers


The PERFECT project has produced two brand new resources for decision-makers to...

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