Programme Agreement for the Creation of the Manufacturing Technology Center and the Aerospace Center in Turin

The first concrete step to host the Manufacturing Technology Center and Center for Aerospace in Turin within three years has been done. 
The Piedmont Region, the Polytecnico di Torino, the University of Turin, the City of Turin and the Turin Chamber of Commerce signed on March 28th 2019 a programme agreement for the creation of centers for innovation and technology transfer through research, demonstration and curricular training functional to the development of Industry 4.0 and the aerospace industry.

Through this agreement, the city and the whole region aim to become a reference point in Italy in the field of advanced manufacturing not only in relation to the industrial system, but also for those public administrations that intend to strengthen their technical skills while in supporting public demand for innovative products.

The project cost is about EUR 38 million. EUR 30 million was allocated by the Piedmont Region for the construction and renovation of buildings and EUR 7.5 million by Polytecnico di Torino for the acquisition of building rights, the design and the urban renewal of the sites. The Chamber of Commerce also contributed, allocating EUR 0.5 million to the latter expense item.
The challenge was to bring together manufacturing and research, recovering a strategic area both for Turin and the entire metropolitan area. The two centers will foster activities related to applied research, professional training, innovation and technology transfer with a wide collaborative approach between companies and centers, technological demonstrators, professional and laboratories for the construction of functional prototypes to provide services to businesses.