We're going to have another online Partnership meeting soon. For now, I'd like to present you one startup from UK. In actual situation - pandemic situation, it's really worth paying attention to, as the Babylon Health provides tools for remote consultation with doctors and health professionalists.


Babylon Health is a healthcare provider that provides remote consultation with doctors and healthcare professionals via text and video messages via a mobile app. The private health subscription was opened in the UK in 2013 and has since been extended worldwide to include Rwanda and Canada. In the UK, NHS Babylon has over 40,000 registered patient users, which has sparked controversial disputes over NHS funding models.

Babylon Health provides healthcare services through its website or iOS and Android mobile apps, this is funded in different ways through a subscription-based model, pay-as-you-go, centrally funded initiatives such as the NHS or through health insurance packages

Users can send questions or photos to the company's health care team (including doctors, nurses, and therapists) in a manner similar to a text message. Alternatively, users can video consult a doctor to answer questions about common medical topics such as fever, sore throat, allergies, skin irritations, and colds. The service also allows users to receive referrals to health professionals, send prescriptions for medications by e-mail or send them to a pharmacy, or consult therapists to discuss topics such as depression and anxiety. In situations where a physical examination is required, users can book health examinations with a limited number of facilities in London, visits by nurses are limited to one location.

In addition to direct healthcare services, users have access to a variety of health monitoring tools such as an activity tracker, ordering home blood test kits, and viewing general lifestyle and fitness questions.

The Babylon Health app features the controversial Chatbot Symptom Checker. The website states, "Babylon understands the symptoms you are introducing and provides relevant information regarding health and selection," however, there have been allegations that this is not appropriate for all patients. Chatbot Babylon precedes any conversation with the proviso that "not pregnant women". Chatbot also states that users with chronic diseases or disabilities may have different needs and risks than shown.