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the 6th regional stakeholder's meeting in Granada


Regional  meeting of Spanish stakeholders in Granada Do you want more...

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the 6th Regional Meeting of Polish Stakeholders


Regional stakeholder's meeting in Poland What issues were discussed during the...

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Meeting invitation


We are honored and pleased to invite you to participate as  in a workshop...

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Covid 19: More than 1000 business ideas


Covid 19: More than 1000 business ideas develop in the digital program in Møre...

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200 000 Euro to fund for business ideas


200 000 Euro to fund clarification of business ideas in Møre and Romsdal Volda...

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New Policy Instrument in Møre and Romsdal County


“The farm as a resource”  New Policy Instrument in Møre and Romsdal...

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OSS Covid Newsletter


OSS Covid Newsletter How entrepreneurs were supported during the pandemic in...

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Polish Good Practice related to teh Covid crisis


Liquidity grants for Small Businesses What kind of support did RRDA offer to...

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Polish situation during Covid pandemic


The Covid situation in Poland and  Podkarpackie Voivodeship How has...

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Slovenian measures to fight Covid crisis


Slovenia responded to the COVID-19 crisis similarly to other EU countries, i.e....

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The COVID-19 epidemic in Slovenia


The Covid 19 pandemic in Slovenia How did the Slovenian government respond to...

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The opportunity of challenge to change in Granada


The support for entrepreneurs has been one of the main objectives of the...

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