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Startup and Small Business - differences,


By investors, startups were considered as small versions of big companies for...

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"Make you feel my love."


It's Valnetine's Day. All of you might say that it has got nothing to do with...

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What the word "DIGITALIZATION" means?


DigitalCapabilities for Business Support - that was the subject of our meeting...

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Norwegian news!


Our relation from the meeting in Aldershot arrives in our partners websites. ...

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English good practice


During our partnership meeting, the project - Dorset Growth Hub - was presented...

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Lean Business Platform


During our partnership meeting in Aldershot, some good practices regarding the...

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Four main areas of startup


Do you know what you need to create successful startup? There are four main...

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Second partnership meeting in Hampshire


So…The second partnership meeting is over...

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We sale on the top


Do you remember the event "Startup weekend" that we wrote you about some time...

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The best love ever


Do you think that love can bring us some results? Read the Mattel Inc.'s story...

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The agenda of partnership meeting in Hampshire


As you already know from our event section, next week we are attending...

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From audio osculator to best selling ICT products.


Another company that started operation as a startup and now rules the world.

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