This year, the first unicorn grew in Belgium.

Let us present - Collibra.

Collibra started operating in 2008 as part of the VUB. Today, the company has branches throughout Europe and New York. In 2018, they achieved record sales. Currently, the company's value exceeds one billion dollars. That's why Collibra joint the selected European Unicorns club. Companies such as Deliveroo, TransferWise, Adyen and Spotify are also included, but a Belgian startup has never been on this mini-list before.


Collibra provides companies with a software platform that enables them to effectively manage all their data. It also facilitates quality control and correct processing of this data. This is very important because companies must now comply with strict regulations such as GDPR.
Collibra sells its solution in the form of Software-as-a-Service through a subscription to companies in many sectors, such as finance and healthcare. It is already used by over 300 companies around the world. Customers come from various industries.

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Cover photo: Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash