Attensi is a modern Norwegian startup that is specialized in corporate training based on a simulation game. Since its inception, in 2012, the startup has become the world's leader in this area. Their activity combines advanced 3D modeling with a deep insight into human behavior and psychology, training employees in real-life situations that involve human interaction software and systems critcal to business. Now, the startup has its branches in Norway, United Kingdom and USA.

For many years, there has been only one way of developing employees's skills. These were trainings in the classroom, mentoring, videos and e-learning. Attensi brings it to the next level. The services that are brought by Attensi, seem to be much more effective and present better methods for behavior changing in big corporations. Thanks to that type of training, it's passionate and addictive.


The mentioned startup provides services for many customers in Scandinavia and around the whole world. The key clients of the company are: SPAR International, Nestle, Oslo Airport, Merck Pharmacy and many others.

How exactly does it work? You may see short example here.