"Think Global, Act Local' - that's the motto of the Startupper of the year challenge. We've already wrote you about that competition. Finaly, we're happy that we may share with you some news about the challenge.

To get more info about the event itself, feel free to read our previous news about it: http://bit.ly/2WPkDVi

Total's challenge: Startupper of the Year 2018-2019, that were, 55 calls for projects in 55 countries, nearly 50,000 registered persons, including 13,000 applications that meet the requirements, and above all, enthusiastic candidates from around the world. In social networks, a total of 168,000 likes have been collected that prove the attractiveness of selected projects!

We do already know the winners. 6 the best startups of the competition are from Nigeria, Uganda, and Philippines. Let me introduce them:

AgroData Network

That's the first winner from Nigeria. They promote organic farming thanks to social bee-keeping, which provides farmers with free hives. The company implements natural methods for keeping bees in the ecosystem. Well... lately, quite often, we hear that bees are endangered. I think that's a really good idea to help them to stay safe. Their website: https://agrodata.net.ng/


Davinon Hydroponics Project

It's another winner from Nigeria. That's the project of hydroponic crops, i.e. soilless, in rural schools and orphanages, to improve their performance and increase the quality of education. To me, sounds good :)


SeatPack is a winner from Uganda. It is a backpack for school, which turns into a place to learn, turning into a chair with a writing pad. It's much cheaper as in the price of 3 SeatPacks you may buy only one desk for children. Can you imagine that?


That's another startup from Uganda. It is an urban mobility system that cares about the safety of cyclists, which is based on a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Their website: http://www.bikelite.io/



Well... That's the one startup from another area than Africa. It's a raisin from Philippines. It is a social enterprise that provides bamboo products (straws, paper, etc.) to replace plastic, while helping marginalized farmers' communities.

I'm sure all of these startups will help to make the world a better place. Huge congrats for the winners. Our Polish startups also took partn in that competition. We'll present them next time.