Spain is the other country that  takes some actions in our project and its represented by PROVINCIAL COUNCIL OF GRANADA.

Granada s the capital city of the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. In the 2005 national census, the population of the city of Granada proper was 236,982, and the population of the entire urban area was estimated to be 472,638, ranking as the 13th-largest urban area of Spain.

One of the activities of the Diputación de Granada is offering free advices from a technical team that will assist any business initiative independently of the phase and the municipality of the provincial geography in which it is located. Their activity also responds to a provincial line of work to serve  technical support to municipal and supramunicipal entities with the aim of betting on self-employment as a way to increase the added value provided by  local economies, improve employment levels and stop the rural depopulation.

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The members of Spanish team are:
- Ana Muñoz Arquelladas: Deputy of the Employment and Sustainable Delegation of the County Council of Granada -  Legal OSS Project

- Vicente J. Muñoz Saldaña: Head of the Enterprise Creation and Consolidation Service - Project manager.

- José Oliver Berta: Head of the Financial Section -  Budget and Finances.

- Josefa Guerrero González: Head of the Enterprise Promotion and New Businesses Section - She is going to work with the Work plan.

- Trinidad Manrique de Lara Vílchez: Technician of the European Projects Office -  Technical assistance.

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