Covid 19: More than 1000 business ideas develop in the digital program in Møre and Romsdal 

May-Britt Roald, Program manager entrepreneurship,, and Møre and Romsdal County Council.


Photo: Møre and Romsdal County Council

When the pandemic came, the entrepreneurial service began with digital course programs. This has been very well received by the entrepreneurs. The course program runs over several days with online gatherings, either during the day or in the afternoon/evening.

The course program is free and the feedback from previous course participants is very good. We encourage people who are going to start a business to get in touch.

Roald reminds that the advisors in the hoppid system are ready to answer questions or be a sparring partner for the entrepreneurs.

-You can also log in to the platform where you can continue working on your business idea in peace and quiet, and then when you are ready – be connected to an advisor from in your Municipality.

The program: Nine 60 to 90 minutes workshops (zoom) in a group with 12 others entrepreneurs or SMEs.

Introduction: 6 pillars in modern entrepreneurship and the S-E-A-M method

Purpose: Why do you run your business and what do you want out of this in the long run? (describe motivation, core values, and vision).

Resources: What knowledge/skills and assets are your company based on and how do they contribute to creating competitiveness?

Business idea: What needs should you meet?, and what is the core competence that makes you best suited to meet the need?

Business model: How will you be able to meet this need?

Objectives: What specific milestones do you set yourself in the work of meeting the need?

Tasks: What do you need to do to reach these milestones?

Forecast: What are the result and liquidity forecasts for further development?

Closing and presentation: all participants present their project

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Contact May-Britt Roald , program manager [email protected]


More than 1000 business – ideas. The boost after we go digital and the Covid19 lockdown started in March 2020.