Norway in the time of crisis

What's the economic situation in Norway, and what restrictions are kept there because of Covid-19?

According to the data of the Norwegian Statistical Office, the decline in GDP in the last year 2020 amounted to 2.5%. This is a bad result for Norway. Compared to the rest of the continent, however, Norway is coping quite well with the crisis. The Norwegian authorities are of particular concern to rising unemployment - a phenomenon that has not been known in the Northern Kingdom for years. The situation is set to begin to change as the epidemiological situation improves when most of the country's inhabitants receive the coronavirus vaccine. The areas most affected by the pandemic are Norwegian transport, tourism, culture, and entertainment (as in the rest of Europe).

What about restrictions?

There are still many strict regulations in force in Norway, including when it comes to entering the country. Apart from Norwegian citizens, only people who are registered and permanently residing in the country can still enter Norway (with some exceptions). There is no information about the expected opening of borders to foreign tourists. Currently, everyone crossing the border will be tested for COVID-19. There is also an obligation to register, entry to Norway can be registered online within 72 hours before crossing the border.

On April 7, the Norwegian authorities unveiled a plan to re-open the country. However, there are no specific dates specified in it. When Norway is opened, it depends on the number of new infections, the rate of vaccination, whether a new mutation of the virus appears, and how the health service works at any given time.