For phase two of our project we are very pleased to announce that the Interreg Europe secretariat approved all three pilot actions that we aimed for.

"OSIRIS has proven real capability to transform the interregional learning exchange into three challenging pilot actions engaging five partners of the consortium", Umberto Pernice, external expert of the lead partner states. 

The three pilot actions are:

BOOST – boosting open data usage in the region of Western Greece.

In this pilot action the Computer Technology Institute and Press Diophantus of Western Greece and Provincia Autonoma di Trento in Italy work together

  • to collect information/data connected with public events in a territory through an ICT web platform
  • to collect all the information in compliance to EU standards and Open data guidelines (metadata,licence, APIs etc. )
  •  to involve “the event organizer” (public or private) and other involved stakeholders in a participatory process. 
  •  to encourage the active participation in the platform, sharing knowledge and information toolbox of both the innovation providers (University, Research Institute, Innovative start-ups) and social innovation seeker (local interest groups, groups of citizen, associations, NGOs etc)

INNOVATION LOOP – importing and customizing the Innovation Loop for co-creation in Ostrobothnia

Here the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Åbo Akademi University/Experience Lab and Region Västerbotten collaborate to import the good practice of Region Västerbotten, i.e. the Innovation Loop (IL), by testing and customising it to the territorial context and needs of the Region of Ostrobothnia for co-creating ideas and implementing solutions exploiting open and social innovation. 

This pilot will enhance the co-creation process at the regional level tailoring the Innovation Loop to effectively include citizens and stakeholders in the strategic and operational working processes of the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia.

iHOME4YOU – smart homes for seniors

The third pilot action sees the municipality of Fundao and the Computer Technology Institute and Press Diophantus joining forces to tackle the challenges of an ageing population.

The ageing population is a worldwide phenomenon, being more pronounced in Europe. In fact,  according to a United Nations Report, Portugal is on the list of the six countries that are aging fastest. The estimation indicates that in 2050 about 40% of the Portuguese population will be over 60 years old. Another fact is that all municipalities in the CENTRO region have an aging rate above the national average. With population ageing other problems arise, namely loneliness and social isolation, as well as an increase in health expenditure and in social security. This has created the need to find new approaches and solutions to promote an active ageing with information and communication technologies being one answer to this challenge. 

This pilot action faces the challenges with a Smart Home, a House Intelligent Assistant (HIA), consisting of an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of solutions that focuses on persons/patients/elderly people that are isolated and/or have mobility difficulties.

"The three pilots are very interconnected, leveraging the co-creation approach of the Innovation Loop (the Good Practice of the Lead partner, Region Västerbotten) to enhance the implementation of open and social innovation initiatives. Looking at other Interreg projects, this is quite  an exceptional result showing the potential of the project to translate the exchange of good practices into tangible implementation and adaptation for regional development.", mr Pernice concludes. 

Stay tuned on this channel for updates on the pilot actions!