Project News

Boost Hackathon a success


The pilot action between Trento and Patras on open data turned out to be a...

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Experiences from the pilot actions


You can build an airplane through a project, but you need a pilot to fly it ....

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Boost! Pilot action on open data


Boost is an open data platform created in Western Greece as a result of...

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The Innovation Loop travels to Ostrobothnia


The pilot action starring the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and Region...

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A smart home taking shape in Fundao, Portugal


In the heart of the old town in Fundao, in the historic Jewish quarters, a very...

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Kick-off for the pilot action in Ostrobothnia


The OSIRIS pilot action between the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Region...

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Road to an action plan: Region of Western Greece


The road to an action plan for the Region of Western Greece by Computer...

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Road to an action plan: Fundão


The municipality of Fundão describes the road to their action plan.

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Three pilots coming up!


For phase two of our project we are very pleased to announce that all three...

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The Innovation Loop of Västerbotten in Ostrobothnia


Good practices keep on transferring between partner regions in Osiris.

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Road to an action plan: Ostrobothnia


Understanding and involving citizens and end-users is key in Ostrobothnia.

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Film time with Osiris!


Putting action to the action plans! Successful regional development with open...

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