Project good practices

Sustainable Housing Centre

Summary: The Sustainable Housing Centre is a metropolitan tool for the renovation of private housing, encouraging ecological housing and supporting eco-construction SMEs

Location: Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France

Electromobility – Electric vehicles for a green municipality

Summary: Suceava Municipality launched a vast and ambitious project to switch from fossil-based public transport system to electric public transport system

Location: Nord-Est, Romania (România)

Modern and efficient public lighting management in Suceava...

Summary: Modernisation of the entire public lighting system of the City with LED systems

Location: Nord-Est, Romania (România)

IBA Hamburg 2013

Summary: A building exhibition (IBA) for the revitalization of a deprived area

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

HafenCity Master Plan

Summary: The reuse of a former industrial site into a new neighbourhood

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

The cultural zone in Katowice

Summary: Reconversion of a former industrial site into an attractive urban zone

Location: Śląskie, Poland (Polska)

Policies against air pollution in Katowice

Summary: Introduction of policies to tackle low air quality In Katowice.

Location: Śląskie, Poland (Polska)

Urban Center Metropolitano

Summary: Urban Center Metropolitano is place for debate and information about Torino's urban transformation.

Location: Piemonte, Italy (Italia)

The masterplan Wednesdays

Summary: Public consultation on the General Master Plan

Location: Piemonte, Italy (Italia)

The Local Energy Policy Committee

Summary: The main objective of the Local Energy Policy Committee is to support the creation of sustainable local energy Policy in municipalities.

Location: Śląskie, Poland (Polska)

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