Project good practices

Startup Braga

Summary: Startup Braga is an innovation hub, designed to assist high potential entrepreneurial projects in reaching international markets and building business models.

Location: Norte, Portugal


Summary: Seminars and workshops by key speakers in the field of Biological Engineering and Biotechnology.

Location: Norte, Portugal

B2B Meetings at Aquatech

Summary: A networking and matchmaking event for companies from the iWATERMAP partner regions was organized during Aquatech Amsterdam 2019.

Location: Friesland (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)

S3P Thematic Area Water Smart Territories

Summary: Water Smart Territories facilitates interregional collaboration on water.

Location: Friesland (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)

Pilot project Centre of Vocational Excellence Water (CoVE Water)

Summary: This Erasmus pilot project creates a European Platform of Vocational Excellence for the water sector.

Location: Friesland (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)

“Vliv člověka na koloběh vody”. In english The human impact on...

Summary: To have impact among educational institutions, but also involving young people, government and the public by creating an educational material for schools.

Location: Jihovýchod, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)

Training stay on agricultural production and irrigation...

Summary: Know irrigation technology to increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture and improve innovation policies.

Location: Región de Murcia, Spain (España)

Training program in waste water treatment and reuse for...

Summary: Wastewater treatment and reuse for agriculture in order to eliminate the sanitary problem of wastewater without purifying at the Libyan cities.

Location: Región de Murcia, Spain (España)

Integrated System for Reducing Environmental and Human-related...

Summary: The main idea underlying the WATUSER Project stems from the need to control and manage all the impacts and risks that appear in the water use cycle.

Location: Nord-Est, Romania (România)

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