The third Exchange of Experience of Innova-FI will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania from 15 to 17 July 2019. The meeting organised by Investment and Business Guarantees Ltd. (INVEGA) will focus on 'Equity-type Instruments & Funding sources - Cross-border collaborations’.

INVEGA has extensive experience in the management of the Holding Funds (Fund of Funds) (since 2009) and implementation of financial instruments (since 2001). Currently, it is the manager of two Fund of Funds financed from ESIF dedicated for the financing of SMEs through financial instruments. Just a beginner in instruments specifically dedicated for R&D policy development, during day 2, INVEGA will give an overview of the FIs targeting innovation in Lithuania and partners will work on recommendations.

The thematic workshop for this Exchange of Experience will be a hybrid workshop, partly planned to be the conclusion of the first thematic workshop - focusing on equity-type instrument crowdfunding and crowd-lending - and partly focusing on cross-border collaborations, more concretely in the Baltic Innovation Fund.

Indeed, the ‘Baltic Innovation Fund’ is a Fund-of-Fund initiative launched by the EIF in close cooperation with the Governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, investing in innovative high-growth SMEs and small MidCaps. The topic of cross-border collaboration is highly important for some partners of Innova-FI, particularly Friuli Innovazione and Slovenia. Indeed, partners from Slovenia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Austria are working on achieving a common trans-regional fund similar to the ‘Baltic Innovation Fund’.

The event agenda is available in the 'Library' section of the website.