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New diversity ‘standard’ for VC firms


Diversity VC is setting a new standard for diversity and inclusion in the VC...

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#EURegionsWeek 2020


Given the exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19, this year the European...

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Discover the 'Revenue-based financing'


As venture capital funding dries up, revenue-based financing is looking...

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A common approach to regulate cryptoassets?


The EC will present later this year new rules to develop a “sound” crypto-asset...

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Finance Forward Europe - Startups changing Europe


Discover some of the fintech startups taking part in Finance Forward Europe...

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AI Impact in the Financial Services Ecosystem


Demand for AI-based jobs in the finance sector has never been higher. Discover...

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Why It’s Time to Prioritize LSG's


The fourth remote Innova-FI stakeholder meeting of Invega brought light to the...

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Innova-FI Secret Weapon? The LSG Meetings


“Assessing financial instruments for innovation in combination with and beyond...

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If you have Stakeholders, you need LSG meetings


Even during pandemic times, Innova-FI doesn't stop! Our partner GODC organised...

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Discover the Valencian Action Plan against Covid-19


IVACE has assembled the first Committee of Experts to create an action plan...

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Commission explores EU-wide crowdfunding


The European Commission has held initial talks with various platforms involved...

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Europe Recovery Plan


The EU executive will propose borrowing from the markets in order to finance a...

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