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Interregional exchange of experience in Bucharest-Ilfov

By Project InnoCom

On June 17th – 19th 2024, the Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency (BIRDA) will be the host of the fourth interregional event, welcoming partners from across Europe.The event is an essential opportunity for strengthening interregional links and facilitating the exchange of experiences through the interregional learning process.

During the three days, regional experts, together with international partners and their stakeholders, will debate identified initiatives in the region, aiming at enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs by accessing structural funds.

The key topics of the agenda:

June 17th, 2024 - Peer Review working meeting - organized with the aim of thoroughly analyzing the policy instrument that will be impacted by the implementation of the project – the Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Program, in the presence of experts from Ireland and Slovenia, co-opted especially in the implementation of the project to provide solutions and optimizations that streamline communication between the public authorities that manage funding instruments and the entrepreneurial environment.

June 18th, 2024 – Interregional workshop – organized with the aim of highlighting the initiatives discovered in the region, intended to facilitate the access of small and medium-sized enterprises to development funds. Concurrently, the measures adopted by our authorities to streamline and simplify the application process will also be discussed.

June 19th, 2024 – the study visits – organized to facilitate the exchange of experiences between partner regions - with the primary goal of providing participants with a realistic perspective on the organization of the local business environment or the innovative measures adopted to support the entrepreneurial sector. Study visits will be conducted at the organizations of the most important stakeholders in our region – the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Impact Hub, and NOD Makerspace and will focus on aspects related to accelerating the competitiveness of SMEs.

This event represents an important step in regional development process through the exchange of knowledge and best practices, and it is expected to generate significant advantages to all the regions involved.

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