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Digital Transformation of Public Sector Services

By Project InnoCom

Sviluppumbria, InnoCom’s lead partner, attended the Workshop Digital Transformation of public sector services organized by the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform (PLP) in Vilnius on 5 June. The Umbria Region, Associated Partner, was also present with a representative for communication and one from the digital innovation unit.

The workshop focused on the challenges and opportunities offered by new technologies and tools to innovate PA processes, both internally and for citizens. As InnoCom deals with innovation in communications toward SMEs, the workshop was the occasion to delve into the bigger picture, and gain insight on new EU policies, experimentation of digital solutions across Europe, and the broader horizon opening up by integrating AI.

Participants from EU member states and candidate countries presented good practices and took part in discussion and working groups.

Following the workshop, the Umbria Region was the beneficiary of a Matchmaking session arranged by the PLP. Based on a specific challenge presented by the Region, Unlocking the potential of AI for public services, the session involved 2 hours of discussion with peers from Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, as well as observers from Finland and Ukraine. During the meeting, participants examined the situation with the digital masterplan in Umbria, the problems posed in terms of skills and training, and the opportunities and challenges for public administration in terms of security and reliability of AI.

Although focused on the situation in Umbria, the full report and the solutions proposed will be shared with the partners.

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