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INERTWASTE discusses regulatory frameworks in Pamplona

Group Picture TLJ1

Last 14 and15 November, the partners of the Interreg Europe INERTWASTE project met in Pamplona for the first Transnational Learning Journey (TLJ) of the project, bringing along actors engaged in inert waste management in their territories.

Participants represented different sectors (mining and its restoration, insulation, concrete production by recycled construction waste, extended producer responsibility scheme for building waste or valorisation of used materials) and actors (public authorities, private companies, research centers and environmental consultancies) of both the industrial and construction/demolition waste value chain.

A strong spirit of exchange clearly marked the two days at several levels. Partners shared experiences, challenges, contacts to continue discussions beyond the TLJ...

Group picture INERTWASTE Acciona

For their first TLJ, the INERTWASTE partners had chosen to focus on regulatory frameworks for inert and inorganic waste. Through several presentations and sessions, they delved into the situation in Europe, Spain (and especially Navarra) and France, making links and finding differences with the other represented countries (Denmark and Slovenia).

Discussions highlighted the heterogeneous situation at all levels. Despite the ambition to streamline efforts in one direction at EU level, there are different national and regional systems and legal frameworks that influence the management of inert and inorganic waste. Situations in partners’ territories are different and present local specificities such as fragmentation of the municipal level, public entities with different competencies, ways of processing waste. Nonetheless, some practices presented during the TLJ could be relevant in other contexts. Participants experienced directly an example of valorisation of ash and slags during a study visit to the biomass plant of Acciona in Sangüesa.

Heterogeneity is one of the challenges for the INERTWASTE project and strategy, but also a source of inspiration. After these two days, stakeholders and partners reached some first conclusions and ideas for dealing with inert waste ranging from capacity building for institutions implementing policy measures to involving more companies and other departments from companies, finding the right balance between regulation and private initiatives, how to reduce costs of the best environmental option and make it competitive compared to the standard ones.

As a first TLJ, the meeting in Pamplona has been very successful, showing the necessity of these types of events. Partners and stakeholders are already looking forward to the next one to pick up the discussions and work they have left off in Pamplona.

Do you want to know more?

Presentations made during the TLJ are available on the event page.