Project News

Study visit revealed the essential of PPI


Public procurement should embrace innovation not limit it. That’s where PPI...

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The iBuy consortium meets in Bucharest


iBuy discussed the design of an open PPI library in Bucharest. Partners had the...

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PPI through the stakeholders’ lenses


A second phase of stakeholder group meetings has been held to discuss the...

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14 best practices identified by the partnership


The pool of best practices has been presented and discussed by the partnership...

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Challenges and opportunities on funding PPI


Project partners have met in Spain in the thematic seminar regarding the...

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Innovative cooperation for the wellbeing of citizens


Tesoma Wellbeing Centre has been launched as the result of the public and...

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Best practice workshop in Tampere


The workshop has focused on criteria for choosing the right project to be...

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Stakeholders' take on PPI status


Responses from stakeholders in partner countries on public procurement for...

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Meeting in Lamia to facilitate stronger partnership


iBuy project partners met in Lamia (Greece) to review all the actions carried...

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PCPs/IPPs pay off in the long run


First meetings with stakeholders held. What policy makers and procurement...

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Lessons learnt from other projects related to IPP


Project partners have carried out research and capitalisation on results of...

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First Partners' Meeting Held in Vilnius


Experts from Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Romania, Latvia and Portugal have...

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