Project News

iBuy presented during Interreg Europe webinar


Mantas Vilys from Lithuanian Innovation Centre, the coordinator for the iBuy,...

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It is raining webinars on IPP


Two separate initiatives regarding IPP are taking place online in the form of...

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Towards action plans


iBuy consortium has met online to discuss the status of the project and share...

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Online library on IPP/PCP is ready!


Online courses and materials on IPP/PCP for 7 European countries are ready and...

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Lithuania will award institutions for IPP/PCPs


Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation invites public sector institutions...

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Portugal launches R&D tender to fight COVID-19


Due to COVID-19 outbreak Portugal launches a tender to facilitate and stimulate...

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Romanian stakeholders view on PPI/PCP procedures


BI RDA stakeholders shared their expertise in PPI/PCP, proving that despite the...

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Spanish media emphasizes PPI’s role during crisis


With the COVID-19 crisis affecting almost every segment of economy in Spain, the...

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IPP during the COVID-19 Pandemic


During the Covid-19 pandemic public sector can support the regional and national...

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Will the quest for IPP increase after COVID-19?


Despite many dangers the COVID-19 has brought on a daily life, it can also...

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Public sector can innovate too


Public sector can play an active role in acquiring innovative solutions for...

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It is all about the attitude


Success of the implementation of PPI/PCP in public sector primarily depends on...

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