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Second Local Living Lab meeting in Podkarpackie, Poland


On July 10, 2023, the second Polish GREENHEALTH Local Living Lab (LLL) gathered nineteen institutions and organisations from the  Podkarpackie Region.

The meeting was full of interesting topics and triggered discussions on a number of issues.

Introduction and take-aways from the Kick-Off-Meeting

The meeting was opened by Mr. Antoni Jeż - regional coordinator of the GREENHEALTH project, who provided a briefing on the conclusions of the project Kick-Off-Meeting, which took place in Murcia on May 9-10, 2023. The May meeting of partners, in addition to the inauguration, had included a study visit to the Sierra Espuña Regional Park in Spain. Other stakeholders attending both meetings : prof. dr Idalia Kasprzyk (University of Rzeszów), Dr. Łukasz Lis (Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection) - representatives of the project stakeholders, as well as Mr. Dariusz Kozik (Complex of Landscape Parks in Przemyśl) and Ms. Magdalena Radecka-Gibała (Department of Environmental Protection) - had also the chance to share their observations and take-aways from Kick-Off-Meeting.
This introduction was followed by a briefing from Mr. Łukasz Lis on the topic of managing forms of nature protection in Poland.

Upcoming work on the regional analysis
The central part of the LLL was the presentation by Prof. Dr Idalia Kasprzyk of an outline of the regional analysis combined with a discussion by representatives of the Local Living Lab. The draft document was enriched by substantive comments from GREENHEALTH stakeholders.

Good practices & Policy Learning

The last two presentations dealt with issues of good practice.

Mr. Dariusz Kozik - acting director of the Complex of Landscape Parks in Przemyśl made a preliminary identification of good practices on integrating issues of broadly understood human well-being into the management of Protected Areas, taking into account the use of technology and capacity building of managers and other staff.

Finally, Mr. Pawel Oczoś - the project's communications manager - presented the Interreg Europe 2021-2027 Program's Policy Learning Platform and encouraged the use of the opportunities provided by this tool. He also discussed the communication channels provided for the GREENHEALTH project - a periodic newsletter and social media profiles.

Finally, information was provided on planned meetings and events, including the inaugural regional conference to be held on October 6, 2023 in Horyniec-Zdrój.

Source: Podkarpackie Region Institutional Website

Institutions and organisations attending the Local Living Lab:

  1. The Marshal's Office of the Podkarpackie Region
  2. The Landscape Park Complex of Krosno
  3. The Landscape Park Complex of Przemyśl
  4. University of Rzeszów
  5. National Health Fund - Podkarpackie Regional Branch
  6. State Academy of Applied Sciences in Krosno
  7. Bieszczadzki National Park
  8. Rzeszów City Hall
  9. Magurski National Park
  10. Horyniec Health Resort
  11. Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Rzeszów
  12. Lesko Forest Inspectorate
  13. Bircza Forest Inspectorate
  14. Dynów Forest Inspectorate
  15. Municipal Office  of Radomyśl nad Sanem
  16. Municipal Office of Narol
  17. PTTK, Przemyśl Branch
  18. Bieszczadzka Foundation
  19. Association of Tourist Municipalities of the Dynowskie Foothills


Good practice
Regional policy