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Kullaberg Nature Reserve Local Living Labs


In late August, the GREENHEALTH initiative was launched in Kullaberg by the Swedish partners. An initial virtual meeting was held to introduce the project and the policy instrument selected for this project, which was later followed by a face-to-face gathering in Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

The project team from Kullaberg has formed a diverse group of stakeholders representing two local universities, regional and local authorities working with public health, as well as representatives of Kullaberg Tourism Forum. The focus of discussion revolved around process mapping, outlining the current situation, and identifying areas for improvement and specific needs of the participating stakeholder. Furthermore, attention was drawn to inspiring initiatives within the region. The partners had also the opportunity to personally explore and gain a deeper understanding of the activities carried out at Kullaberg Nature Reserve by enjoying the guided tour in the visitors center - Naturum Kullaberg.

The Naturum holds a significant position within the Nature Reserve. It showcases diverse wildlife, interactive games, engaging activities for kids, and a small aquarium. It also offers a scenic viewpoint! Every month, the Naturum presents an extensive program of activities tailored to various demographics with an emphasis on families with young ones. The primary goal behind these initiatives is to encourage outdoor recreation in natural surroundings. GREENHEALTH will allow the introduction of new activities from a health improvement perspective, including a strong focus on sustainable inclusion.